Integrated Management Solutions was founded in 2006, in Yerevan and currently employing more than 35 consultants worldwide. Integrated Management Solutions is one of the Leaders in the sphere of Quality Management Consulting & Training in Armenia. The Company has a permanent presence in Russia, Kazakhstan and France and carries out projects on an international scale, but always with a profound understanding of local environment. The strength and added value are based on the collective knowledge and experience of all staff-members. 

Working for national and international clients in the private sector as well as the public sectors and the NGOs, has taught the Company that an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach generally leads to the best results. Clients receive answers specifically tailored to their needs. The quality of work of the Company is determined by its philosophy that is based on the conviction that all projects must be undertaken within the wider context of society and the environment.

Nowadays, IMS consultants train more than 1,000 managers yearly, providing them with different managerial skills essential for effective organizational performance. With its wide range of training programs, the Company has proven its leadership and achieved a customer satisfaction rate of more than 99%.

IMS collaborates with all internationally known auditing companies including SGS, ABCertification, QMI, Moody International, AFAQ, TUV etc. 

IMS also collaborates with donors – World Bank, EBRD, IFC, USAID etc. – which co-finance both implementation and certification projects.