In the competitive business world, there is no way for high productivity if your company staff is not regularly trained on new skills and field knowledge. Trainings are for everyone, be they low level or high level position, as for any position there is a competency and development process for better work results. This is necessary for all businesses, regardless of their industry, corporate culture or business model. Development and productivity is exactly what corporate training improves. The results of the trainings will be more productive if they are followed by coaching and consultancy services.

IMS Offers the following trainings:

(Quality, environment, safety, health, safety measures)

Quality management according to the ISO 9001:2008

Environmental management systems according to the ISO 14001

Food safety management according to the ISO 22000:2005

Occupational health and safety management systems OHSMS 18001

Good manufacturing practice (GMP)

Information security management system (an ISMS) ISO 27000

Internal quality audit 

Propaedeutics of organization and management 

Strategic management 

«Balanced Scorecard»

Process management

Organizational structures and business processes

Organization development: change management


5 S

Hoshin management


Project management

Time management

Advanced negotiation skills

Team building 

Conflict management

Effective meetings

Effective negotiations

Effective communication: spoken and written

Human resource management fundamentals

Employee searching and recruitment techniques

Training for trainers

Training need detection

Labour remuneration systems development (gradation, KPI, motivation systems

Coaching for optimal performance

Situational sales

Fundamental sales techniques for employees

Advanced sales techniques

Sales department management

Situational service

Customer satisfaction measurement and management

Customer complaints management

Customer loyalty building 

Customer relationship management

The Consulting services IMS offers are driven by our clients’ needs and existing problems. We are focused on discovering the clients’ core problems hampering the work efficiency and management process to advise customized precise or global solutions.

IMS consultants will show you cost-effective ways on how to enhance efficiency in management and decision making processes. They will also provide the leadership key solutions enabling to create and implement strategies that deliver immediate and sustainable improvements in performance.

IMS provides business and management consulting in the following major service fields:

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Healthcare

  • Trade

  • Financial sector

  • Governmental organizations

  • Hotel and catering trade

  • Information technologies

IMS coaches will assist the individuals or corporate personnel reach their full business potential and make considerable results at work, be their executives or their subordinates. We offer a variety of coaching services to the companies and organizations from the top down, beginning with the leader, in areas such as leadership, management, commitment, accountability, communication skills, customer service and sales, business management, relationships, self-esteem, confidence, how to hold employees accountable, how to enhance business know-how on a personal level – one to one coaching.

The categories that IMS coaching services divided are the following:

  • Business Coaching

  • Corporate Coaching

  • Directive Sales Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Performance Coaching